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Intended Ages
Good news!!  The program is designed to provide you with multilevel  lesson plans so you can use one curriculum for all of your children from three years old all the way up through highschool!  Scroll down to find the age you are looking for.
Let your youngest children sit in on the story times, and then color a picture.   All of the units have coloring pages.  You have permission to copy the coloring pages ONLY for children who cannot yet read.  You will need to purchase an extra Bible Story Coloring book for each of your youngest children.   These children will also enjoy trying to participate in some of the hands on activities like building pyramids and making Joseph's coat out of construction paper.  When your child is ready, have them narrate back to you what the story was about.  You can copy their
words down on paper and file in a notebook along with their coloring page.  Take pictures of any projects they attempt and/or complete and file those as well.  Even a child that cannot read can put the Bible Story Cards in order by looking at the pictures!  They will learn chronological Bible history before they can even read!
GRAMMAR STAGE: (1st to 4th grade)
Use this program in a similar was as is described above for the very young.  However, add in the following elements:
Read the history outloud together and then discuss it.  Each unit has a reflection section to encourage your child to begin to form a Biblical world view.
Bible stories can be read from a Children's Bible and/or a regular Bible.  Each lesson has an item for making an entry into a Bible journal.  Either have your child dictate a couple of sentences to you, or have them write a couple on their own stating what they learned about the Bible reflection time.
These children can also be responsible for the simple map work exercises.  Require that the map work coincide with their abilities.   
Most of the reviews can also be done by grammar stage children. 
You can read the review questions to them if they are not reading proficiently. 
There are several creative writing exercises in the program.  If your child's fine motor skills will not support lots of handwriting, then let them dictate the stories to you. 
For handwriting, you can choose either the manuscript or the cursive pages for extra practice.  Please note that the handwriting pages do not instruct; rather, they give your child practice.  The pages have Bible verses that coincide with each unit.
LOGIC STAGE (5th to 7th grade)
This age group needs to be reading more.  Make sure to make use of all of the reading lists in the history units.  Simple summarizing is recommended at this age.  If your child is ready, have them begin to try to outline the information on the History Encyclopedia pages.   Also consider requiring additional research via the provided internet links and via the library.
Require your child to keep a Bible devotion journal.  They will make entries for each lesson reflecting on what they have learned and how it applies to them.  Victor's Journey through the Bible is a great resource for requiring this age group to do some additional study into the lesson.  Many times Victor's will offer additional detail that is not given in the Story Cards.  For example, the following information is in Victor's but not the Bible Story Cards:  Saul Tries to Kill David, Jonathan Warns David, David Runs from Saul.
These children can definitely do all of the reviews in the program.  On some, consider covering up the word banks and having these children do the reviews from memory.   Let the additional research and outlining count for another part of their grade.
The assignments in the guide can be done by this age as well.  These are usually, light, thought provoking lessons that can be fun for any age.
The handwriting pages should only be used by this age if your child is still struggling with penmanship.  Otherwise, don't order them.
Most of the projects are geared for elementary aged children.  A sixth or seventh grader may want to skip some of these.  However, some of them are just plain fun, no matter what your age! 
RHETORIC STAGE (8TH/9th grade and up)
This age group should either listen in on the readings for the younger children or read them independently.  In addition, readings are scheduled from Streams of Civilization that will give more indepth, grade level information.  Also, Streams of Civilization provides several suggestions for additional projects and creative writing assigments.  Some of these have been scheduled into the lesson plans. 
This age group should read the Bible lessons directly from the Bible and keep a devotion journal. 
I recommend making Victor's Journey Through the Bible required supplemental reading.
Streams of Civilization has a test pack that can be used to test on the history material covered.  For Bible, I recommend having this age group be able to sort the events into chronological order.
This age group should complete all of the creative writing assignments in that are scheduled into the curriculum.  Streams of Civilization provides additional suggestions for creative writing assignments. 
There are no handwriting assignments for this age group.  Optionally, you could require this age group to memorize all of the scripture verses as they are presented to the younger ones for handwriting assignments.   Orally test at the end of each week.

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