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Photo Gallery
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Meet the Strenkowski Family!
Jack and Sandi with children Jennifer, Daniel (in my lap) and John Gregory!


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cookies3.jpg - 4396 Bytes

Sandi's kids making caterpillar cookies
John Gregory-6 and Daniel/Spiderman-4 

Wala!  Caterpillar cookies!

cupcake1.jpg - 14322 Bytes

cupcake3.jpg - 12003 Bytes

Sandi's kids making elephant cupcakes

What a cute chef!

painthand.jpg - 13938 Bytes

handprint.jpg - 111706 Bytes

Butterfly Handprints - What a fun mess!

The finished work of art.

LuchKids.jpg - 27829 Bytes

noriplus.jpg - 42025 Bytes

Nora and Jia,
Daughters of Suzanne from CT!

to read their precious story!

Nora with her friends, Mary (2),
Grace, (5) and Gabriella (4)



Whose picture will go here?

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having fun with Living Learning Books!




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