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It is highly recommended that you use the literature pack to gain the full benefit from your
Living Learning Science curriculum.
he daily reading assignments, vocabulary lists, review questions and projects are all closely tied to the
texts in the Level 2 pack. 
The same books are used for both younger and older children. 
Additional activities and readings are scheduled for older kids. 

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Seas & Oceans    World Geography    Space


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Explore our unique planet and looking at the relationships between plants, animals, people and the world they inhabit. It includes:
A stunning, modern world atlas with 60 pages of maps
Continent-by-continent accounts of peoples and their culture
Gazetteer of facts about the countries of the world
Stunning photographs and detailed explanatory diagrams.
Free downloadable images
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What are stars made of? Why does the Moon shine? What do space toilets look like? Find out in this bright and lively book. Simple text, amazing photographs, detailed illustrations and a selection of exciting, recommended web sites introduce young readers to the wonders of the Universe. All the Web sites are regularly reviewed.
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How deep is the ocean? Which fish can blow itself up like a balloon? How do dolphins use sound to hunt? Find out in this delightful book. Simple text, stunning illustrations and photographs and exciting recommended Web sites introduce young readers to the wonders of the sea. 
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Usborne Explainers form a charming and innovative series for young readers, packed with straightforward explanations about familiar, everyday things. Clear, simple text and bright, detailed illustrations combine to make the books both informative and fun. 
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    In simple language and with lots of colorful pictures, this book answers the question in the title, and explains many other related topics such as frost, fog, dew, rainbows and the weather. It explains the basic scientific ideas in a very simple way, with lots of examples from everyday life and simple activities to try at home or school. 
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