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Customer Reviews
None of the reviews you see here were solicited. 
Some of them are just copies of posts on other message boards.
Debra in FL
I want to let you know that we have loved using your curriculum.   I can't say enough good things to people about them.     The kids really enjoy all the hands on activities, and I love how "mom friendly" they are.   We appreciate you taking the time to write them!

Cassie in TX
I wanted to write and let you know how much we are enjoying our science curriculum we ordered from you.  It is simple to use, and easily expandable to meet the needs of our children.  We are doing Level 1, Life Science, and are truly enjoying the experience.  We have added some of our own activities and books to use this 5 days a week because we love it so much.  You have done a WONDERFUL job a creating an accurate and informative, yet flexible and easy to use curriculum.  I just want to say Thanks!  This is our first year at homeschooling, and we are loving this part of it.  This is the only thing in our schedule that hasn't been "tweeked" several times already to make it work for our family.  I know adjusting things to fit the needs of your family is part of the beauty of homeschooling, but it's nice to sit down to a great curriculum and do what is listed, while having the freedom to add more stuff, and not feel overwhelmed or feel like the kids don't like it.  Thanks from a first-time home-schooling family.  We love it!

Debra in FL

I want to let you know that we have loved using your curriculum.   I can't  say enough good things to people about them.     The kids really enjoy all the hands on activities, and I love how "mom friendly" they are.   We appreciate you taking the time to write them!

Susie in TN
This is our first year using Living Learning Books. I am homeschooling my kindergarten daughter and second grade son. We are enjoying this program so much! We used a textbook approach to science last year and were so bored. This year has been much more exciting.. the kids look forward to science!

Christine in WA
We have enjoyed your Science Curriculum so much.  My son is loving all the things we are doing. He especially loved the "Army Ant Parade" book from the ant unit, and he is chomping at the bit to start the Butterfly unit.  Our Butterflies should be here any day...Thanks for all your hard work on this great curriculum.
Suzanne in CT
WOW!!! I am VERY impressed, and very excited to begin using the program. It just looks fantastic. You've really thought of EVERYTHING! You've given so many good ideas for how to use the program that I can't make up my mind!
Carmen in MN
After reviewing Living Learning Book’s web page almost daily for over a month contemplating if I was going to purchase yet another program to use for this year, I finally broke down and forked over the cash! Boy, I’m so happy that I did…LOL! It was well worth the $30.  I must admit that I’m looking forward to an engaging information and fun filled year of doing science with my 6 yo.  Check it out, as you won’t be disappointed!
Mindy in WA
I just got the Living Learning Science program based on WTM and it looks GREAT!  I can't wait to use it.  Thanks for the prompt delivery, Sandy
Marie in MI
My son is 8.5 and he is a bit behind in his writing and reading skills, so this level LLB is perfect. Max really enjoyed reading all of the books about snakes that we found and coloring the coloring pages, but the most exciting part for mom was....drum roll...
He wrote a paragraph on his own about snakes!! This is the first time he has done this EVER. He found the narration paper in his notebook and decided to write what he learned about snakes.  It was wonderful!  Thank you Sandi!
Whitney Z in RI
My 4 children and I are loving your science 1 program.  So far we've done ants and snails, about to do frogs and butterflies in the next few weeks.  I especially love the
resource listing, that to me is worth the money it cost alone!!!

Monique in NJ
I am so happy that there is so much that is already done for me. Sandi has lists of books, web sites, there are coloring pages and lots of activities/ projects. I laugh at myself for hesitating to purchase it sooner.

Karen in TX
I spent a LARGE amount of time over the summer doing "lesson plans" for science units according to what the WTM recommended. Really, I would have to say that science took the largest amount of time to prepare.  I ordered LLB sight-unseen, and when I got it in the mail this week, all I could think was, "Why didn't I find this three months ago???"   I think that if anyone is doing grammar stage science, he should go ahead and purchase it. It has all the work done for you!  My advice is to get it if you want to save yourself a lot of legwork.

















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